Year in Review: 2017

Thousands of dedicated volunteers representing nearly 300 member companies helped JEDEC serve the industry in 2017, and contributed to a year filled with both new and ongoing initiatives.

Standards and Publications

JEDEC continues to develop important new industry standards and publications in the areas of memory, packaging, quality and reliability, thermal standardization, electronic sensitivity and electrical interface. In 2017, JEDEC published 19 complete standards, 2 publications, 2 joint standards, 12 registration outlines, 2 design guides/registrations, 7 memory device specifications and Memory Module Design File Registrations, including the following:

  • JESD209-4-1, Addendum No. 1 to JESD209-4, Low Power Double Data Rate 4X (LPDDR4X)
  • JESD79-4-1, Addendum No. 1 to JESD79-4, 3D Stacked DRAM
  • JESD250, Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) SGRAM Standard
  • JESD8-30, POD125 - 1.25 V Pseudo Open Drain I/O
  • JEP175, DDR4 Protocol Checks

JEDEC also published the following notable updates to previously existing standards:

  • JESD79-4B, DDR4 SDRAM Standard
  • JESD209-4B, Low Power Double Data Rate 4 (LPDDR4)
  • JESD210A, Avalanch Breakdown Diode (ABD) Transient Voltage Suppressors
  • JESD30H, Descriptive Designation System for Electronic Device Packages
  • JESD9C, Inspection Criteria for Microelectronic Packages and Covers
  • JS-001-2017, Joint JEDEC/ESDA Standard for Electrostaic Discharge Sesitivity Test - Human body Model (HBM) - Component Level
New JC-70 Committee for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

During 2016-17, JEDEC provided logistical support to two working groups of industry experts focused on WBG technology: one on GaN and one on SiC. The two groups grew to almost 50 device manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, technology creators, academic representatives, and government labs from the US, Europe, and Asia. This collaboration led to the formation of the new JC-70 Committee, which held its first official meeting in October 2017. JEDEC invites industry participation in JC-70 as it works to develop clear, universal standards with the goal of advancing the adoption of wide bandgap technologies. Click here for more information about becoming a JEDEC member.


JEDEC hosted a series of successful forums: Mobile & IOT Forums in Seoul, Korea (in partnership with KSIA) and Hsinchu, Taiwan (in partnership with TSIA) and an Automotive Forum in Stuttgart, Germany.  A Server Forum was held in June in Santa Clara, CA.


JEDEC continued its outreach efforts in China, which included ongoing support for local interest groups and a delegation visit to Beijing in July. The JC-14 China TG held three meetings in 2017 with participation by over 40 representatives from member and non-member companies. The TG now serves as a pertinent forum for technical exchange and discussion of JEDEC standards, and liaises with the JC-14 committee through mutual members.

During the JEDEC delegation visit, a joint introductory meeting was organized with GigaDevice Technology Inc. at the latter' s facility which attracted more than 20 senior technical executives from Chinese semiconductor companies. Participants were introduced to JEDEC's business activities and its commitment to the China market.

2017 saw a moderate but steady increase of new members joining JEDEC, bringing the total number of members from mainland China to a historical high of 20. With the development of China's semiconductor industry and JEDEC's increased effort of business development, the number of China member companies is set to further increase in the coming year.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department was active this year in the promotion of JEDEC’s events and major standards announcements, resulting in prominent coverage in major industry publications. The JEDEC website design was refreshed and made responsive for mobile devices. The department also continued a partnership with SmartBrief to ensure the continued popularity of the JEDEC SmartBrief daily email newsletter, providing increased awareness for the JEDEC brand, standards and ongoing activities. Subscribe today.

In support of JEDEC flash memory standards and the nascent JC-70 committee, JEDEC was a sponsor of the Flash Memory Summit in August, and the WiPDA conference in October, respectively.

Industry Collaboration

During the past year JEDEC maintained existing liaisons and developed new partnerships. Such collaboration is vital to the industry and helps avoid duplicative standards development efforts. Key activities include:

  • DLA: JEDEC continued its collaboration with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The triad of JEDEC/SAE/DLA brings together the perspectives of the manufacturers, suppliers and government to update pertinent military standards including MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535.
  • ECIA: JEDEC and ECIA have been working on revision A of J-STD-075 Classification of Non IC Electronic Components for Assembly Processes. Joint work on JS-709 Defining Low Halogen has taken place this year.
  • ESDA: A minor revision to JS-001 on HBM was balloted and was published in May 2017. For CDM ESD, a ballot for JEDEC and ESDA is also being developed for small device testing. Work on harmonizing JESD625 Guidelines for Handling ESD Sensitive Devices and ESDA S20.20 into a single standard has continued. A ESD Workshop in China took place on Nov 6-7 that was jointly sponsored by JEDEC and ESDA.
  • GSA: Cooperation continued with GSA on the revision of JP001A: Foundry Process Qualification Guidelines, which was published on March 3, 2014.
  • IPC: JEDEC continued its collaboration with IPC on Revision D of J-STD-033. J-STD-002 Rev C Solderability and a new standard, IPC/JEDEC 9301 on Numerical Modeling, are expected to be completed by late 2017.
  • JEITA: JEDEC and JEITA held a joint meeting in Tokyo in September 2017 to continue their standards harmonization efforts.
  • MIPI® Alliance: JEDEC’s UFS standard continues to reference the latest versions of both the MIPI M-PHY® and UniProSM specifications.
  • SAE: JEDEC continued a partnership with SAE that began in 2013 after the acquisition by SAE of the G-11 and G-12 Committees from TechAmerica.