Year in Review: 2016

Thousands of dedicated volunteers representing nearly 300 member companies helped JEDEC serve the industry in 2016, and contributed to a year filled with both new and ongoing initiatives:

Standards and Publications

JEDEC continues to develop important new industry standards and publications in the areas of memory, packaging, quality and reliability, thermal standardization, electronic sensitivity and electrical interface. In 2016, JEDEC published 18 complete standards, 4 publications, 2 joint standards, 22 registered outlines, 3 design guides, 8 memory device specifications, and 6 Memory Module Design File Registrations, including the following:

  • JEP174, Understanding Electrical Overstress – EOS
  • JESD220-2, Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Card Extension, Version 1.0
  • JESD241, Procedure for Wafer-Level DC Characterization of Bias Temperature Instabilities
  • JESD243, Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Non-Proliferation for Manufacturers
  • JESD247, Multi-Wire Multi-Level I/O Standard
  • JESD248, DDR4 NVDIMM-N Design Standard (Revision 1.0)
  • J-STD-046, Customer Notification Standard for Product/Process Changes by Electronic Product Suppliers
  • MO-320A, Registration - 12 Pin UFS Card, 0.91 mm Pitch
  • PS-003A.01, DDR4 260 Pin SODIMM Connector Performance Standard

JEDEC also published the following notable updates to previously existing standards:

  • JESD30G, Descriptive Designation System For Semiconductor-Device Packages
  • JESD78E, IC Latch-up Test
  • JESD22-B100B, Physical Dimension
  • JESD22-A122A, Power Cycling
  • JESD22-B115A, Solder Ball Pull
  • JESD22-B103B, Vibration Variable Frequency
  • JESD47I, Stress Driven Qualification of Integrated Circuits
  • JESD220C, Universal Flash Storage (UFS), Version 2.1
  • JESD223-1A, Universal Flash Storage Host Controller Interface (UFSHCI), Unified Memory Extension, Version 1.0
  • JESD232A, Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR5X) SGRAM Standard
  • JESD245A, Byte Addressable Energy Backed Interface
  • JEP122H, Failure Mechanisms and Models for Semiconductor Devices
  • JEP130A Guidelines for Packing and Shipping
  • J-STD-609B, Marking, Symbols, and Labels of Leaded and Lead-Free Terminal Finished Materials Used in Electronic Assembly


JEDEC hosted a series of successful Mobile and IOT Forums in Shanghai, China; Seoul, Korea (in partnership with KSIA) and Hsinchu, Taiwan (in partnership with TSIA). The 31st annual Reliability of Compound Semiconductors (ROCS) Workshop was held in Miami, FL in May.

The inaugural JEDEC-wide meeting was held in June in New Orleans, LA, which provided JEDEC members with networking opportunities and the convenience of having all committee meetings in one location.

China Office

As a result of the rapid development of both the semiconductor and ICT industries in China, JEDEC standards have attracted more and more attention. The most significant development for JEDEC in China in 2016 has been the establishment of the JC-14 China TG, which was initiated by member company Huawei. Three TG meetings were held in 2016, with approximately 40 attendees at each meeting. This TG serves the purpose of helping local Chinese companies become familiar with JEDEC organization, procedures and standards through an exchange of information among members and non-members, technical discussions and education.

This year has also seen an increased level of active participation in JEDEC committees by Chinese companies held in the United States, including the introduction of standards proposals.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department was very active this year in the promotion of JEDEC’s events and major standards announcements, resulting in prominent coverage in major industry publications. The department also continued a partnership with SmartBrief to ensure the continued popularity of the JEDEC SmartBrief daily email newsletter, providing increased awareness for the JEDEC brand, standards and ongoing activities. Subscribe today.

In support of industry interest in developing standards for wide bandgap semiconductors, JEDEC was a Ruby sponsor of the WiPDA conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas in November.

Industry Collaboration

During the past year JEDEC maintained existing liaisons and developed new partnerships. Such collaboration is vital to the industry and helps avoid duplicative standards development efforts. Key activities include:

  • CTA: JEDEC continued to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an Allied Association Partner sponsor of the Digital Patriots Dinner.
  • DLA: JEDEC continued its collaboration with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The triad of JEDEC/SAE/DLA brings together the perspectives of the manufacturers, suppliers and government to update pertinent military standards including MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535.
  • ECIA: JEDEC/ECIA completed work on Customer Notification Standard for Product/Process Changes by Electronic Product Suppliers J-STD-046.
  • ESDA: In September, JEDEC and ESDA began discussion of a three year plan for revising the JS-002-2015 CDM ESD standard, and a new contact CDM method is also being developed A minor revision to JS-001 on HBM was balloted and is in process. Work on harmonizing JESD625 Guidelines for Handling ESD Sensitive Devices and ESDA S20.20 into a single standard has begun, and joint discussions will continue.
  • GSA: Cooperation continued with GSA on the revision of JP001A: Foundry Process Qualification Guidelines, which was published on March 3, 2014.
  • IPC: JEDEC continued its collaboration with IPC and work has begun on Revision D of J-STD-033.
  • JEITA: JEDEC and JEITA held a joint meeting in San Diego in September 2016 to continue their standards harmonization efforts.
  • MIPI® Alliance: JEDEC’s UFS standard continues to reference the latest versions of both the MIPI M-PHY® and UniProSM specifications.
  • SAE: JEDEC continued a partnership with SAE that began in 2013 after the acquisition by SAE of the G-11 and G-12 Committees from TechAmerica.

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