Year in Review: 2012

Over 4,000 volunteers representing nearly 300 member companies helped JEDEC serve the industry in 2012, and contributed to a year filled with new and continuing initiatives:

Standards and Publications

JEDEC continued to develop important new industry standards and publications in the areas of memory, packaging, quality and reliability, thermal standardization, electronic sensitivity and electrical interface. In 2012, JEDEC published 19 complete standards, 3 publications, 4 joint standards, 17 registered outlines, 2 design registrations, and 6 memory device specifications, including the following:

  • JESD79-4, DDR4 SDRAM Standard
  • JESD229, Wide I/O Single Data Rate
  • JESD51-x Series (-50,-51,-52 and -53), the first international thermal testing standards for LEDs
  • JESD209-3, Low Power Double Data Rate 3 SDRAM (LPDDR3)
  • JESD230, NAND Flash Interface Interoperability
JEDEC also published the following notable updates to previously existing standards:
  • JESD84-B451, Embedded Multi-Media Card (e·MMC), Electrical Standard (4.51)
  • JESD220A, Universal Flash Storage (UFS 1.1)
  • JESD219A, Solid State Drive (SSD) Endurance Workloads
  • J-STD-033C, Joint IPC/JEDEC Standard for Handling, Packing, Shipping, and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface-Mount Devices


JEDEC hosted several successful events this year, including a Mobile Forum in Santa Clara, California in the spring, which was subsequently held in both Hsinchu, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea in late summer. JEDEC also held a Server Memory Forum in Shenzhen, China. The annual RoCS Workshop was once again co-located with the MANTECH Conference, which was held in Boston, MA in April and a GD&T Workshop was held in Mesa, AZ. The popular DDR4 Workshop and LPDDR3 Symposium were held with record breaking attendance in Santa Clara, California in October, and another DDR4 Workshop was held in Hsinchu, Taiwan in November.

The events in Taiwan and Korea were held in partnership with the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry and the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, respectively.

China Office

The China office provided essential support for the Server Memory Forum held in March in Shenzhen. JEDEC membership in China continues to grow as the result of interactions with the China office, including SMIC, the largest foundry in China. The office responded to 40 technical inquiries, helping to position JEDEC as a trusted resource for companies in the region. The office continued to offer support to JEDEC members in China by advising them on participating in the JEDEC process, and also facilitated the collection of annual dues from members throughout Asia.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department was very active this year in the promotion of all JEDEC’s events and major standards announcements, resulting in over 600 placements in the first three quarters of 2012, including prominent coverage in major industry publications. In addition, the department partnered with SmartBrief to grow the popular JEDEC SmartBrief daily email newsletter to an opt-in subscriber base of over 20,000, providing increased awareness for the JEDEC brand, standards and ongoing activities. Subscribe today.

Industry Collaboration

During this past year JEDEC maintained existing liaisons and developed new partnerships. Such collaboration is vital to the industry and helps avoid duplicative standards development efforts. Key activities include:
  • CEA: JEDEC continued to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an Allied Association Partner and sponsored a program titled “Memory Matters: Memory Solutions for Consumer Products and Mobile Devices” during CES in January.
  • ESDA: JEDEC published a joint HBM ESD standard with ESDA (JS-001-2012). JEDEC and ESDA are working on a joint Charged Device Model (CDM) standard.
  • GSA: Cooperation continues with GSA on the revision of JP-001 on Foundry Qualification.
  • IPC: JEDEC continued its collaboration with IPC on J-STD-020, J-STD-075 and a number of other documents, including publishing a revision of J-STD-033. Another joint standard, IPC/JEDEC 9704 Strain Gage Test Guideline, was published in January 2012. The two organizations are also working on a High Temp Warpage standard.
  • JEITA: JEDEC and JEITA held a joint meeting in September in Seattle, WA.
  • MIPI® Alliance: JEDEC and MIPI continued their successful working relationship with JEDEC’s publication of an update to Universal Flash Storage in June, which references the latest versions of both the MIPI M-PHYSM and UniProSM specifications.
  • ONFI: JEDEC published a joint standard with ONFI for NAND Flash Interoperability.
  • TechAmerica: Collaborations continued with TechAmerica through their G-11 and G-12 Committees and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) bringing together the perspectives of the manufacturers, suppliers and government to update pertinent military standards including MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535.

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