Type Registration, Data Sheets

Manufacturers may choose to apply for JEDEC Type Registration. Type registration consists of the assignment of type designations to solid state devices in accordance with established rules, recording the assignment and defining data, and the full dissemination of the information to the electronics industry.

The purpose of the JEDEC type designation system is to facilitate the purchase and distribution of microelectronic devices by both technical and nontechnical individuals. The registration procedures are designed to ensure that devices registered with JEDEC differ from each other significantly in performance characteristics or physical dimensions. This system enables manufacturers to uniquely characterize the devices they produce and assures that devices labeled with the same designation number meet a recognized minimum specification without regard to the source of manufacture. Since registration and listing represent permanent records of device characterization, continued availability will be promoted.

The Type Administrator must receive a properly completed Registration Data Format (RDF) for review, and issuance of a JEDEC Type Registration designation.

The term “type designation” used here refers to the number assigned to a solid state device in accordance with JESD370B, Designation System for Discrete Semiconductor Devices. The term “type designation” may be applied to the original number assigned (without suffix) or to a number with a suffix letter. The type designation assignment is designated by a 1N (2 lead) or 2N (3 lead) followed by 4 numbers.  The material submitted via an RDF and assigned a type designation is sometimes referred to as a "data sheet".  To obtain copies of data sheets, please contact Phileasher Tanner at JEDEC.

For purposes of JEDEC type designation numbers, patent owners are not required to conduct a patent search; nor are they required to disclose Essential Patents or provide RAND1 assurances. JEDEC type designation numbers are assigned without regard to whether or not their assignment may involve patents or articles, materials, or processes. JEDEC does not assume any liability to any patent owner, nor does it assume any obligation whatever to parties choosing to use manufacturer data sheets available through JEDEC.

Any manufacturer of solid state devices, whether or not a member of JEDEC may request a type designation from the Type Administrator for a device the manufacturer is developing or manufacturing. Foreign manufacturers may also request type designation. All applicants for type registrations will be charged a fee for the service.

Brief outline of the registration process


The manufacturer furnishes to the Type Administrator defining data for a device in accordance with the applicable registration data format (RDF) and requests assignment of a type designation.


The Type Administrator assigns a type designation and notifies the manufacturer of the assignment.

Release (Public Announcement)

Within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the date of assignment, the Type Administrator announces the registration of the type.

Correction Notice and Re-Registration

Once data on a type has been released, it is possible to change the defining data for that type only by either of two methods: a correction notice or a re-registration. In those cases where an error has been discovered in the data submitted, a correction notice may be filed only by the original sponsor to the Type Administrator within sixty (60) days after release. On the other hand, any device manufacturer may, at any time, propose a re-registration to change the registered values for a device. In order for the change to be adopted, however, there must be no opposition to the proposal from any other manufacturer of the device.

JEDEC neither assumes liability for, nor endorses the use of any products which bear its authorized registration number. JEDEC has as its primary objective the development of Recommended Standards and Registration Formats in the field of solid state devices. An effective registration procedure is considered basic to the achievement of this objective.

1Defined in the JEDEC Manual of Organization and Procedure, JM21, Section 8.2.1.