e.MMC v5.1A

In January 2019, JEDEC published the latest version of its popular e.MMC standard: JESD84-B51A: Embedded MultiMediaCard (e.MMC), Electrical Standard (5.1A). 

e.MMC v5.1A defines features and updates for this embedded mass-storage flash memory that is widely used in smartphones and other mobile devices.  JESD84-B51A is available for  download from the JEDEC website for JEDEC members, and for purchase by non-members. 

JESD84-B51A e.MMC v5.1A replaces all past versions of the e.MMC standard.

Deprecated standard: JESD84-A441.

About e.MMC

Designed for a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, mobile phones, handheld computers, navigational systems and other industrial uses, e.MMC is an embedded non-volatile memory system, comprised of both flash memory and a flash memory controller, which simplifies the application interface design and frees the host processor from low-level flash memory management. This benefits product developers by simplifying the non-volatile memory interface design and qualification process – resulting in a reduction in time-to-market as well as facilitating support for future flash device offerings. Small BGA package sizes and low power consumption make e.MMC a viable, low-cost memory solution for mobile and other space-constrained products.