About JEDEC Publication 95 (JEP95)

This publication includes registered outlines for transistors (TO as in TO-3), diodes (DO as in DO-41), microelectronics (MO as in MO-015 for DIPs and MO-047 for PLCC), uncased devices (UO as in UO-017 TAB), gauges (GS), carrier and trays (CO as in CO-001 shipping tubes), and sockets (SO as in SO-017 DDR4 DIMM). Standard outlines also exist for transistors (as in TS-001). DIPS (as in MS-001), and gauges (as in GS-010). JEDEC Standard 95-1 (JESD95-1) "Design Guidelines" document is contained in JEP95 in Section 4 of Book 1.

Surface mount semiconductor packages are contained in the publication but not as a separate section. For instance, industry type SOT-23 transistor is JEDEC type TO-236 in the TO section and Plastic Quad Flatpack is MO-086 in the MO section. surface mount resistors, capacitors and switches are not contained in JEP95. Other related EIA publications contain information on these parts such as PDP-100.

The JEDEC JC-11 Committee on Mechanical Standardization creates the outlines in JEP95 and is responsible for updating the publication. Each year approximately 4-6 updates are published. Subscription to the updates is an additional cost. A special mailing list contains updated information. Click here for more information about the Updating Service or about ordering a complete hard copy of JEP95. The material in JEP95 comes in two 4" wide 3-ring binders so that updates can be added with ease. The document presently consists of over 1800 pages of drawings. A master index is included to help in updating and completeness.