Document Translation

JEDEC does not currently make any translated JEDEC standards or publications available for free download on our website.  JEDEC has translated document descriptions for several of its most popular standards

The following 7 JEDEC standards have been translated and published in two volumes by CESI:


Volume 1 JESD79-2 DDR2 SDRAM Specification
JESD79 DDR SDRAM Specification
Volume 2 JESD97 Markings, Symbols and Labels for Identification of Lead (Pb) Free Assemblies, Components and Devices
JESD22-B102 Solderability
J-STD-020 Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification For Nonhermetic Solid State Surface-Mount Devices
J-STD-033 Handling, Packing, Shipping And Use Of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface-Mount Devices
JESD22-A113 Preconditioning of Plastic Surface Mount Devices Prior to Reliability Testing




合集1 JESD79-2 DDR2 SDRAM 规范
JESD79 双倍数据数列(DDR)SDRAM 规范
合集2 JESD97 识别无铅组件、元件和器件的记号、符号和标志
JESD22-B102 可焊性
J-STD-020 对于非密封固态表面封装器件的水汽/回流敏感度分类
J-STD-033 湿气/回流敏感表面封装器件的操作、包装、运输和使用
JESD22-A113 非气密表面封装器件可靠性试验前的预处理


JEITA has some package outlines that are similar to JEP95:  JEDEC Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products. For more information visit