Addendum No. 2 to JESD79-3, 1.25 V DDR3U-800, DDR3U-1066, DDR3U-1333, and DDR3U-1600


Published: Oct 2011

The purpose of this addendum is to define the DDR3U specifications that supersede the DDR3 specifications in the JESD79-3. The use of DDR3-800, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1333, and DDR3-1600 titles in JESD79-3 are to be interpreted as DDR3U-800, DDR3U-1066, DDR3U-1333, and DDR3U-1600, respectively, when applying towards DDR3U definition; unless specifically stated otherwise. Item 1769.01

Committee(s): JC-42.3

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