Universal Flash Storage Host Controller Interface (UFSHCI), Version 4.0


Published: Aug 2022

This standard describes a functional specification of the Host Controller Interface (HCI) for Universal Flash Storage (UFS). The objective of UFSHCI is to provide a uniform interface method of accessing the UFS hardware capabilities so that a standard/common Driver can be provided for the Host Controller. The common Driver would work with UFS host controller from any vendor. This standard includes a description of the hardware/software interface between system software and the host controller hardware. It is intended for hardware designers, system builders and software developers. This standard is a companion document to [UFS], Universal Flash Storage (UFS). The reader is assumed to be familiar with [UFS], [MIPI-UNIPRO], and [MIPI-M-PHY]. Item 206.25

Committee(s): JC-64.1

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