Published: Nov 2009

This comprehensive standard defines all required aspects of 256Mb through 4Gb DDR2 SDRAMs with x4/x8/x16 data interfaces, including pinout, addressing, functional description, features, ac and dc parametrics, truth tables, and packages. Standard JESD79-2 uses a SSTL_18 interface, which is described in another JEDEC standard called JESD8-15. The purpose of this Standard is to define the minimum set of requirements for compliant devices 256Mb through 4Gb, x4/x8/x16 DDR2 SDRAMs. System designs based on the required aspects of this specification will be supported by all DDR2 SDRAM vendors providing compliant devices. Changes between versions is indicated in Annex A. Item 1778.01

Committee(s): JC-42, JC-42.3

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