Test Procedure for the Measurement of Terrestrial Cosmic Ray Induced Destructive Effects in Power Semiconductor Devices


Published: Jan 2022

This test method defines the requirements and procedures for terrestrial destructive* single-event effects (SEE) for example, single-event breakdown (SEB), single-event latch-up (SEL) and single-event gate rupture (SEGR) testing . It is valid when using an accelerator, generating a nucleon beam of either; 1) Mono-energetic protons or mono-energetic neutrons of at least 150 MeV energy, or 2) Neutrons from a spallation spectrum with maximum energy of at least 150 MeV. This test method does not apply to testing that uses beams with particles heavier than protons.

*This test method addresses a separate risk than does JESD89 tests for non-destructive SEE due to cosmic radiation effects on terrestrial applications.


Committee(s): JC-14.1

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