unidirectional ABD

A two-terminal ABD with a voltage-current avalanche breakdown characteristic in one direction and either a forward or a blocking characteristic in the other

NOTE    Large transient currents will be clamped for positive cathode-to-anode voltages when driven into the avalanche breakdown region with one or more p-n junctions placed in series or parallel with each junction connected in the same direction. Large transient currents may also be clamped for negative cathode-to-anode voltages at significantly lower voltages with the typical forward-conducting characteristics of a single p-n junction (or of multiple p-n junctions connected in the same direction). The most common type of unidirectional ABD has a forward-conducting characteristic.


Unidirectional-conducting ABD                                               Unidirectional-blocking ABD


JESD77C, 10/09
JESD210, 12/07

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