substrate (of a semiconductor device) (1) (general)

The supporting material upon which or within which the elements of a semiconductor device are fabricated or attached.

(2) (of a film integrated circuit): A piece of material forming a supporting base for film circuit elements and possibly additional components.

(3) (of a flip chip die): The supporting material upon which one or more semiconductor flip chip die are attached.

(4) (original substrate): The original semiconductor material being processed.

NOTE The original material may be a layer of semiconductor material cut from a single crystal, a layer of semiconductor material deposited on a supporting base, or the supporting base itself.

(5) (remaining substrate): The part of the original material that remains essentially unchanged when the device elements are formed upon or within the original material.

NOTE The intended meaning will usually be clear from the context in which the term is used. If necessary, distinction can be made between the "original substrate" and the "remaining substrate".


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