reverse recovery time (trr)

The time interval between the instant when the current passes through zero when changing from the forward direction to the reverse direction and, after reverse current reaches its peak value IRM(REC), the instant when

1) the reverse current first intersects the zero-current axis as shown in Figure (a) below, or

2) the extrapolated reverse current reaches zero, as shown in Figure (b) below, or

3) the reverse current reaches a specified low value IR(REC), as shown in Figure (c) below.

NOTE 1 In alternative 2, the extrapolation is carried out with respect to specified points "A" and "B", as shown in generalized form in Figure (b). Point "A" may be specified at a value other than IRM(REC).

NOTE 2 IEC 747-2 includes only alternatives 2 and 3.


JESD41#, 5/95
[Includes only alternative3]

Current waveforms during rectifier diode reverse recovery