maverick product

Product that exhibits significant anomalous characteristics that may cause a higher-than-normal level of failure anywhere in the user's application or user's manufacturing line.

NOTE 1In this definition, "product" includes the electronic component, the first level packing (e.g., tray, tube, and tape and reel), the shipping container, labeling, and paperwork.

NOTE 2These significant anomalous characteristics can include initial quality defects, time-dependent reliability defects, defects that affect next level of manufacturing, defects in product delivery process (such as labeling or shipping media), and defects in business process (such as shipping information). The characteristics may or may not be part of an existing product or process monitor, test, or inspection activity.

NOTE 3Maverick product may come from known noncompliant product, from compliant product that differs significantly from "typical" product (but is still within specification limits), or from "normal" product due to some previously unknown or unmonitored cause.


JESD50A, 12/04