full-scale value, nominal (of an analog-to-digital converter or a digital-to-analog converter) (VFSnom or IFSnom)

An analog value derived from the nominal full‑scale range:

- for a unipolar converter, VFSnom = VFSRnom; (IFSnom = IFSRnom)

- for a bipolar converter, VFSnom = ½ VFSRnom; (IFSnom = ½ IFSRnom).

NOTE 1 In some data sheets, this analog value is used as a reference value for adjustment procedures or as a rounded value for the full-scale range.

NOTE 2 In place of the letter symbols "VFSnom" and "IFSnom", the abbreviation "FS(nom)" is commonly used.


JESD99B, 5/07