Why JEDEC Standards Matter

JEDEC committees develop open standards, which are the basic building blocks of the digital economy and form the bedrock on which healthy, high-volume markets are built. For example, JEDEC semiconductor memory standards - from dynamic RAM chips and memory modules to DDR synchronous DRAM and flash components – have enabled huge markets in PCs, servers, digital cameras, MP3 players, smart phones, automotive and HDTV, to name just a few.
Standards enable innovation, serving to commoditize components by lowering their prices while maintaining quality and reliability. This leads suppliers to compete more vigorously on innovative features and gives buyers more variety and a broader selection. The end result is a much larger market than proprietary products could foster, which means more potential sales and revenue.
Standards allow companies to invest more strategically in R&D rather than inventing everything from scratch. Once common form factors are set, companies can base their designs on standards and focus on innovation.

Why Participation is Essential 

Participation in the development of open standards within JEDEC saves companies money and time, providing close insight into the industry’s roadmap and helping companies avoid investing in the wrong direction.
Participation also provides insight into regulatory directions, influence on the standards in development, and a competitive advantage over companies that don’t participate. Valuable business relationships with customers and competitors are another benefit.

Why JEDEC Membership is Indispensable

 JEDEC is an open standards setting organization with global membership that includes key technical individuals from most device, assembly, system and testing companies, which facilitates JEDEC’s ability to publish standards with high value.
One of the core values that JEDEC brings to the industry is the ability to develop standards spanning the breadth of the electronics industry– from components to packaging, test methods, and quality and reliability. JEDEC standards address the needs of all segments of the industry, from device manufacturers to end consumers.
JEDEC offers a low membership cost that allows companies of all sizes and revenue levels to participate, resulting in consensus-based standards with broad industry acceptance.
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