Main Memory: DDR4 & DDR5 SDRAM News

JEDEC Publishes Update to DDR5 SDRAM Standard Used in High-Performance Computing Applications Oct 2021
JEDEC Publishes DDR4 NVDIMM-P Bus Protocol Standard Feb 2021
JEDEC Announces Publication of JEDEC Module Sideband Bus Oct 2020
JEDEC Publishes New DDR5 Standard for Advancing Next-Generation High Performance Computing Systems Jul 2020
JEDEC Honors Dr. Howard Yang of Montage Technology with New Award Jan 2020
JEDEC to Hold Workshops for DDR5, LPDDR5 & NVDIMM-P Standards Sep 2019
JEDEC Announces Publication of Serial Presence Detect Support and Module Labels Specifications to Support New Hybrid Memory (NVDIMM) Sep 2019
JEDEC Updates Groundbreaking High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Standard Dec 2018
JEDEC Events: Memory Tutorials, Mobile/IOT & Automotive Forums Feb 2018
JEDEC and SNIA Win Best of Show Award for NVDIMM-N Standard at Flash Memory Summit Aug 2017
JEDEC DDR5 & NVDIMM-P Standards Under Development Mar 2017
JEDEC Announces Publication of GDDR5X Graphics Memory Standard Jan 2016
JEDEC Updates Groundbreaking High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Standard Jan 2016
HGST Engineer Receives JEDEC Outstanding Leadership Award Jul 2015
JEDEC Announces Publication of DDR4 Standard Sep 2012
JEDEC Announces Publication of Release 4 of the DDR3 Serial Presence Detect Specification Sep 2011
JEDEC to Focus on Memory for Servers in Upcoming Event Sep 2011
JEDEC Publishes New Standard for Serial NOR Flash Sep 2011
JEDEC Announces Key Attributes of Upcoming DDR4 Standard Aug 2011
JEDEC Announces Broad Spectrum of 3D-IC Standards Development Mar 2011