Flash Memory: UFS, e.MMC, SSD, XFMD News

JEDEC Announces Plans to Standardize Non-Volatile Wireless Memory Apr 2012
JEDEC to Focus on Mobile Technology in Upcoming Conference Mar 2012
JEDEC Announces Publication of e-MMC Standard Update v4.5 Jun 2011
JEDEC to Feature New Mobile Memory Standards in Event Series May 2011
JEDEC Announces Publication of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Standard Feb 2011
JEDEC to Expand Solid State Drive Standards Beyond Conventional Disk Drive Form Factors Jan 2011
News Alert: JEDEC to Host Flash Memory Event at 2011 International CES Dec 2010
Industry Aligns Behind JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Standard Dec 2010
JEDEC to Host Flash Memory Event at 2011 International CES® Nov 2010
JEDEC Flash Storage Summits and Industry Educational Events Draw Strong Response in Taiwan, Korea and US Oct 2010
JEDEC News Alert: Flash Memory & DRAM Events Sep 2010
JEDEC Announces Publication of Solid State Drive Standards Sep 2010
JEDEC Presents Flash Memory Events and Engineering Education in Taiwan, Korea and San Jose, CA Aug 2010
JEDEC Announces Key Attributes of Upcoming Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Standard Jun 2010
Nokia Engineer Receives JEDEC Technical Recognition Award Jun 2010
JEDEC Announces Publication of e-MMC™ Standard Update v4.41 May 2010
JEDEC Forecasts Late-2010 Publication for Universal Flash Storage Standard Mar 2010
JEDEC Publishes Registered Outline for mSATA SSD Assembly Jan 2010
JEDEC Announces Solid State Drive Application Classes at 2010 International CES Jan 2010
JEDEC To Host Flash Memory Event at 2010 International CES® Dec 2009