The JEDEC Staff

Arlene Collier, Director, Membership Services

Tel: (703) 907-7534
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  • Membership Services, applications and processing, billing
  • JEDEC Awards Program
  • JEDEC Committee Roster

Emily Desjardins, Executive Vice President

Tel: (703) 907-7560
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  • Secretary and staff support to: BoD
  • Marketing Activities
  • Association Communications
  • Industry Media Contact/Press Releases
  • JEDEC Website Design

John Kelly, President

Tel: (703) 907-7515
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  • Legal and Executive Management

Arnaud Lebègue, IT Director

Tel: (703) 907-7589
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  • JEDEC Website/Voting Machine
  • IT Services
  • Website Support

Donna McEntire, Vice President, Finance and Events

Tel: (703) 907-7516
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  • Budget and Finance
  • Hotel Negotiations
  • Committee Hotel Arrangements/Meeting Schedule
  • JEDEC Events 

Phileasher Tanner, Director, Program Services

Tel: (703) 907-7540
Email Phileasher

  • Secretary and staff support to: JC-13
  • Events Coordinator
  • License Assurance/Disclosure spreadsheet
  • IEC Activities
  • Manufacturers ID Codes, Type Administration support
  • JEP95/JESD21C
  • Miscellaneous billings

Xianmin Xi, Consultant, Asia Affairs

Tel: 8610-8446-4172
Email Xianmin

JEDEC Committee Secretaries

Julie Carlson, Committee Secretary for JC-11

Email Julie

Rick Allen, Committee Secretary for JC-14 and JC-15
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Mikhail Guz, Committee Secretary for JC-70

Email Mikhail

Valerie Graves, Committee Secretary for JC-16, 40, 42, 45, 63 and 64

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