SO-009 Issue A Outline Published

Arlington, VA – May 18, 2007 – The JC-11.14 Subcommittee of JEDEC announced
today the publication of SO-009 Issue A covering a common SMT footprint for DDR2
DIMM sockets which was approved for publication at the JC-11 Committee Meeting that
was held in January 2007 in San Antonio, TX.

"Prior to this outline being published, there was no common SMT footprint available to
the connector manufacturers or system designers that were laying out PCBs. This
outline now provides a common footprint for which several connector manufacturers
already have product available," stated Jim McGrath/Molex, Chairman of the JC-11.14
Subcommittee, which oversees module and socket mechanical outlines.

SO-009 Issue A is available for free download at


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