NXP Engineer Receives JEDEC Technical Recognition Award

ARLINGTON, Va., USA - February 18, 2009 - JEDEC Solid State Technology Association
announced today that Paul Melville, an engineer with NXP, has been presented with a JEDEC
Technical Recognition Award. Given by the JEDEC Board of Directors, the Technical
Recognition Award is JEDEC's most significant award for technical achievement and
acknowledges outstanding contributions to technology standardization. Mian Quddus, Pete
Scala and Nick Lycoudes, representing JEDEC, presented the award to Mr. Melville in a
ceremony at NXP. Mr. Paul Ngan of NXP was also in attendance.

Paul Melville was honored for his significant role in projects involving moisture
sensitivity, solderability, and tin whisker testing. His contributions have been essential to
numerous JEDEC publications and standards designed to meet the technological challenges
posed by the electronics industry's migration to lead-free materials, including the widely utilized
joint IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020 Standard for Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non-
Hermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices. Mr. Melville has also been involved in developing
tin whisker mitigation practices, process controls and verification testing.

Nick Lycoudes, JC-14 Chairman, said: "The JC-14 Committee for Quality and Reliability
is committed to helping the industry provide standardized solutions for moisture sensitivity,
solderability and to successfully transition to lead-free. Paul Melville's contributions have been
essential to this effort, especially because of the amount of data he presented during the
standards development process. As Chairman of JC-14, I am grateful for Mr. Melville's
dedication to the industry, and for NXP's support of the development of open industry standards
within JEDEC."

Paul Ngan, NXP Reliability Coordinator and Manager, Reliability Physics, said: "Paul
Melville's work has been well recognized internally at NXP, and we are happy to see that Mr.
Melville's technical contributions to the industry are being honored by JEDEC. NXP looks
forward to continued active participation in developing high quality standards within JEDEC."

Added Pete Scala, JEDEC Board Vice-Chairman: "I am honored to have been a
member of the team that presented a JEDEC Technical Achievement Award to Paul Melville.
Mr. Melville has been an active and productive member of JEDEC for many years, and has
advanced the publication of standards with experimental data and new ideas, especially in the
area of tin whiskers and moisture sensitivity.


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