JEDEC Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Committee Publishes a Milestone Document for Reverse Bias Reliability Evaluation Procedures for Gallium Nitride Power Conversion Devices

ARLINGTON, VA., USA – JANUARY 30, 2024JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, today announced the publication of JEP198: Guideline for Reverse Bias Reliability Evaluation Procedures for Gallium Nitride Power Conversion Devices.  Developed by JEDEC’s JC-70.1 Gallium Nitride Subcommittee, JEP198 is available for free download from the JEDEC website.

JEP198 presents guidelines for evaluating the Time Dependent Breakdown (TDB) reliability of GaN power transistors. It is applicable to planar enhancement-mode, depletion-mode, GaN integrated power solutions, and cascode GaN power transistors.

This publication covers suggested stress conditions and related test parameters for evaluating the TDB reliability of GaN power transistors using the off-state bias. The stress conditions and test parameters for both High Temperature Reverse Bias Stress and Application Specific Stress-Testing are designed to evaluate the reliability of GaN transistors over their useful lifetime under accelerated stress conditions.  

“We are becoming more dependent on power electronics in all facets of our daily lives. As such, the technologies behind those systems are advancing and so too must the device-specific qualification processes. The new GaN-focused Guideline for Reverse Bias Reliability Evaluation is a critical step toward achieving that goal,” said Ron Barr, VP of Quality and Reliability, Transphorm and Co-Chair of the Task Group 701_1. “This was a collaborative effort conducted by both GaN semiconductor and end product manufacturers. I’m proud of the work the task group delivered. It is an important framework to ensure cross-industry uniformity that will, in the end, provide power system manufacturers the necessary confidence when designing with GaN devices.”

“With the rise of renewable energy and electrification of our lives, the efficiency of power semiconductors is becoming more critical. This is where GaN power semiconductors have proven to be a valuable technology. The Guideline for Reverse Bias Reliability Evaluation is another step in improving confidence in GaN Technology and the products that are on and being brought to market,” said Dr. Kurt Smith, VP of Reliability and Qualification at VisIC Technologies and Chair of JC-70.1. “This document was developed through collaboration of the multi-corporation team of industry experts to represent the best practices for evaluating GaN devices. It was a long multi-year process to reach consensus and the team is to be commended for the quality document and all of the hard work that went into it.


About JC-70

Formed in October 2017 with 23 member companies, JC-70 now has over 80 member companies, which underscores industry commitment to the development of universal standards to help advance the adoption of wide bandgap (WBG) power technologies. Global multinational corporations and technology startups from the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia are working together to bring to the industry a set of standards for reliability, testing, and parametrics of WBG power semiconductors. Committee members include industry leaders in power GaN and SiC semiconductors, as well as users of wide bandgap power devices, and test and measurement equipment suppliers. Technical experts from universities and national labs also provide input.

Interested companies worldwide are welcome to join JEDEC to participate in this important standardization effort.  The next JC-70 committee meeting will be held on February 26, 2024 during the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach, CA.  Contact Emily Desjardins ( for more information or visit

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