JEDEC Publishes XFM Embedded and Removable Memory Device Standard to Expand Storage Solutions in Embedded and Automotive Applications

ARLINGTON, Va., USA – AUGUST 25, 2021JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in standards development for the microelectronics industry, today announced the publication of JESD233: XFM Embedded and Removable Memory Device (XFMD) standard. XFMD (XFM stands for Crossover Flash Memory) is a new universal data storage media providing an NVMe® over PCI Express® interface in a small, thin form factor. The device is designed to bring replaceable storage to devices typically soldered down in IoT devices and embedded applications. Developed by JEDEC’s JC-64.1 Subcommittee for Electrical Specifications and Command Protocols, JESD233 is available for download from the JEDEC website.

JESD233 XFMD is a removable, versatile memory solution intended for use in a wide range of applications that require an easy device exchange. Examples include IoT devices, automotive applications, notebook PCs, gaming consoles, video recording devices (drones, surveillance systems, etc.), Extended Reality (AR, VR, MR), and more.

To maximize connectivity between the host and the device, JESD233 XFMD leverages industry-leading standards from PCI-SIG® and NVM Express, Inc. The PCI Express® interface provides fundamental bus connectivity and NVM Express® serves as the higher level protocol for accessing the non-volatile media as a low-latency logical storage device.

“The development of JEDEC XFMD is a prime example of JEDEC’s dedication to developing new and innovative standards to serve the industry and, ultimately, consumers,” said Mian Quddus, JEDEC Chairman. He added: “XFMD is intended to minimize technical barriers in new product designs by offering ease of use and robust capabilities serving a wide variety of applications.”

Industry Support

KIOXIA: “We are convinced that the XFM Embedded and Removable Memory Device (XFMD) standard will be used as a game changer for semi-removable storage in many electronic and IOT devices, taking advantage of its balanced performance, small size, and easy maintenance,” said Atsushi Inoue, Senior Director, Memory Division, KIOXIA Corporation.

“MediaTek is proud to have collaborated with JEDEC members to advance the development of the Embedded and Removable Memory Device (XFMD) standard, which provides an attractive option for high-performance storage in embedded devices,” said Harrison Hsieh, Senior General Manager of Silicon Product Development at MediaTek. “Platform developers and device makers can easily adopt XFMD with minimal effort to enable new, expandable storage options for end users.”

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