JEDEC Publishes Registered Outline for mSATA SSD Assembly

Organization Taking the Lead on SSD Standards
ARLINGTON, Va., USA – JANUARY 4, 2010 – JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in standards development for the microelectronics industry, today announced the publication of registered outline MO-300 for mSATA SSD Assembly. Incorporating the new mini-SATA interface connector, MO-300 is indicative of JEDEC’s leadership in setting comprehensive SSD standards. The document is available for free download at, as part of JEDEC Publication 95: Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products.
MO-300 defines the dimensions, layout and connector position for very small form factor (50.8mm x 29.85mm) solid state drives with the new mini-SATA interface connector. Supporting 1.5 Gb/s and 3.0 Gb/s data transfer rates, the mSATA connector is designed especially for applications where a small form factor is desired, such as netbooks and other portable electronics devices. 
The ongoing development of SSD standards involves various JEDEC committees as well as numerous external standards organizations. The MO-300 registered outline was developed through a collaborative effort involving JEDEC’s JC-11 Committee for Mechanical Package Outlines and the JC-64.8 Subcommittee for Solid State Drives, as well as the cooperation of the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO). 
“Solid State Drives offer a lightweight, reliable and lower power storage solution for mobile devices of all types,” said Mian Quddus, Chairman of JC-64. “By providing a standardized outline incorporating the new mSATA connector, MO-300 has the potential to deliver significant benefits for the industry by offering a single outline for storage suppliers and systems manufacturers to use and reference. Consumers will also benefit from vendor choice, since drives adhering to the standard will be interchangeable.”
For more information on SSD standards, attend JEDEC’s program at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show: Storage Solutions: Flash Memory in Consumer Products, January 8th at the Las Vegas Hilton. Registration and program information:
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