JEDEC Position Statement on "Enhanced Performance Profiles" ("EPP")

ARLINGTON, VA -- MAY 16, 2006 -- JEDEC has defined the documentation of the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) device included on all standard DRAM modules since the concept was introduced in the industry over 10 years ago. JEDEC provides an industry service by collecting inputs from a wide variety of suppliers and users in order to ensure that its standards are readily available form multiple sources, and products following the standards are usable in multiple target applications.

This week, an industry announcement was made for a "New Open Standard Memory Specification" called "Enhanced Performance Profiles" or EPP. The announcement suggests that EPP can "allow memory manufacturers to integrate additional module performance data" by redefining portions of the JEDEC specification typically reserved for manufacturer's data.

EPP is not a JEDEC endorsed specification and should not be misconstrued in the industry as such. EPP has not been reviewed within JEDEC, nor has any part of it approved through the JEDEC open standards process. Companies wishing to implement the EPP specification should consider the potential for incompatibility with future JEDEC standards.

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