JEDEC Plans to Update Popular Standard for Low Power Memory

March 15, 2024: JEDEC’s JC-42.6 Subcommittee for Low Power Memories is developing the next generation of its popular LPDDR memory standard: LPDDR6.  To significantly boost memory speed and efficiency for a variety of uses including mobile devices and AI, development plans for LPDDR6 include a focus on:

  • Increasing Bandwidth: To support AI applications and HPC use cases, various highfrequency enablers are being considered
  • Lowering Power Usage: LPDDR6 will continue to reduce power as compared to the prior version of the standard
  • Enhanced RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) to improve security and performance

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JEDEC standards are subject to change during and after the development process, including disapproval by the JEDEC Board of Directors.