JEDEC News Alert: Flash Memory & DRAM Events

Emily Desjardins
As the global leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, JEDEC Solid State Technology Association’s member company expertise in both non-volatile and volatile memory technologies is unparalleled. JEDEC is hosting a Memory Strategies event in San Jose, CA that will offer attendees the opportunity to engage directly with industry experts, and gain insights and knowledge to help drive their business.
Memory Strategies includes a Flash Storage Summit on Monday, October 4, which will feature keynote speakers Graham Robinson, Micron and Jim Elliott, Samsung in addition to a wide range of flash-related topics with major market impact, including universal flash storage (UFS) and solid state drives (SSDs). 
An in-depth Solid State Drive Tutorial on SSD standards and design considerations will be offered on Tuesday, October 5; and a 2-day, detailed DRAM memory device and system technical education opportunity will be presented on October 6 & 7. 
Speakers include experts from several industry leaders such as Agilent, IDT, Micron, Phison, Qualcomm, Samsung, SandForce, & Seagate.
4 October 2010: Flash Storage Summit: $100 JEDEC Members/$125 Non-Members                     
5 October 2010: Solid State Drive Tutorial: $175 JEDEC Members/$200 Non-Members
6 & 7 October 2010: DRAM Devices & Systems: $325 JEDEC Members/$375 Non-Members
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA
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