JEDEC Continues SSD Standardization Efforts

Announces Dedicated Subcommittee, Invites Industry Participation

Arlington, VA - July 17, 2008 - JEDEC announces the formation of the JC-64.8 Subcommittee
for Solid State Drives to address the standards needs of the emerging SSD market. Following an
exploratory meeting in August 2007 and a subsequent survey of storage industry companies, a
subcommittee scope was defined to develop standards for solid state drives used for embedded
or removable memory storage leveraging the existing storage infrastructure.

Co-chaired by Seagate and Micron, JC-64.8's first meeting took place in May 2008. The
subcommittee's leadership provides a knowledge base from major companies in the disk drive
and solid state memory industries, respectively. The responsibilities of this subcommittee include
defining new form factors leveraging existing interface standards (command protocols and
electrical interfaces), mechanical interconnects, environmental aspects, and electrical quality,
reliability, and durability methods and procedures that are not included in the interface standards.
Applicable portions of proposed documents will be done in cooperation with other JC-64
subcommittees, JEDEC committees JC-11, JC-14 and JC-16, as well as with external standards
organizations, such as the T10 and T13 technical committees of the InterNational Committee for
Information Technology Standards (INCITS), the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-
IO), USB 3.0, and others.

Realizing that there are a number of companies considering a variety of SSD technologies, they
are encouraged to contact the JEDEC office to become involved with the JEDEC standards
development for SSD's. "The industry needs to adopt more comprehensive standards for solid
state drives to accelerate global acceptance of SSD products at optimal performance levels, for
the greatest benefit to consumers," said Mian Quddus, Chairman of the Board, JEDEC.

JEDEC is the leading developer of standards for the solid-state industry. Almost 3300
participants, appointed by some 295 companies work together in 50 JEDEC committees to meet
the needs of every segment of the industry, manufacturers and consumers alike. The
publications and standards they generate are accepted throughout the world. All JEDEC
standards are available online, at no charge. More information is available at