JEDEC Board Selects Samsung Memory Business President as Recipient of its 2022 Distinguished Executive Leadership Award

Arlington, VA ― November 3, 2021 The JEDEC Board of Directors passed a resolution yesterday at its November board meeting naming Jung-Bae Lee, Ph.D. and president of the Memory Business at Samsung Electronics, as the recipient of its Distinguished Executive Leadership Award for 2022. The resolution passed unanimously.

“Jung-Bae Lee is one of the brightest minds in the semiconductor industry,” said Desi Rhoden, Executive Vice President at Montage Technology and JEDEC Memory Committee Chair.  “Dr. Lee is the ultimate example of the type of leader for which the JEDEC Distinguished Executive Leadership Award was created to honor and recognize.”

Dr. Lee has worked in the Memory business for more than 30 years, in areas including DRAM product development, product planning, quality assurance and DRAM design. He has contributed much to the development and commercialization of products such as low power mobile DRAM, high-speed DRAM for servers, datacenter solid state drives and future technologies such as HBM-PIM and CXL memory that are breaking through the limitations of existing memory.

In addition, Lee personally holds more than 300 patents pertaining to technology innovation and to processes involving critical aspects of memory functionality.  Many of his memory design innovations are now used in devices important to virtually every computing platform, including those in the desktop, mobile and mainframe environments.

From 1998 to 2001, Lee represented Samsung at JEDEC on standards-setting committees that were responsible for the establishment of the earliest SDRAM standards, including DDR, LPDDR and GDDR, followed by DDR2 and DDR3.

“Jung-Bae has long been an ardent supporter of the role of JEDEC and a true visionary who has contributed much to the growth of the semiconductor industry,” said K. C. Chen, co-founder of Wintec Industries Inc., and JEDEC Board Member.  “Over the years, he has enabled a high degree of industry accord concerning DRAM and Flash standards, through his extensive technical knowledge, his personal commitment and the leadership roles he has held at Samsung,” he added.

“I have known JB for many years from shortly after his college years to the present day, and am continually humbled by his depth of familiarity with the industry, his understanding of the importance of standards and his dedication to excellence,” said JEDEC Chairman of the Board Mian Quddus. 

Lee has been president of the Samsung Memory Business for the past 11 months. Prior to that, he oversaw all Samsung DRAM products and technology, from 2018 to 2020.  As Samsung’s memory business chief, Lee is now responsible for all of the company’s memory products and technologies, worldwide.

He holds Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and doctorate degrees in Electronics Engineering from Seoul National University.

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Emily Desjardins