JEDEC Announces Publication of the Sixth Edition of "Dictionary of Terms for Solid State Technology", JESD88E

ARLINGTON, Va., USA – JULY 11, 2013 JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, today announced the publication of the sixth edition of its widely referenced Dictionary of Terms for Solid State Technology, JESD88E.  This new revision includes terms and definitions from 14 new standards and publications not in the 5th edition and 26 additional publications that have been updated.  JESD88E is available for free download from the JEDEC website:

The purpose of this dictionary is to promote the uniform use of terms, definitions, abbreviations and symbols throughout the solid state industry, and to serve as a reference for technical writers, educators, manufacturers, buyers and users of solid state devices.  All but the most specialized concepts presented in nearly all JEDEC publications and standards have been included.  Each of the over three thousand entries is referenced to its source and an annex lists the names of the source publications and their release dates. 

JESD88E was compiled and edited by JEDEC’s JC-10 Committee on Terms, Definitions and Symbols under the chairmanship of Mr. Fred Mann.


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Emily Desjardins