JEDEC Announces Publication of New MMC V4.4 Specification

New Standard Features Performance and Security Features for Embedded Mass-Storage Flash Memory Widely Used in Mobile Phones, GPS, MP3 Players and Other Portable Electronic Devices

ARLINGTON, Va., USA - April 14, 2009 - JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in
standards development for the microelectronics industry, today announced the publication of JESD84-A44 MMC
Version 4.4 standard. Continuing the evolution of e•MMC™ as an industry-leading memory technology, the new
standard offers designers numerous enhancements including a doubling of the memory interface performance,
flexible partition management and improved security options. MMC V4.4 is available for free download at

Suitable for a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, navigational systems and other industrial
uses since its publication in late 2006 (as a joint standard by JEDEC Solid State Technology Association and the
former MultiMediaCard Association), e•MMC is an embedded non-volatile memory system, comprising both flash
memory and a flash memory controller, which simplifies the application interface design and frees the host
processor from low-level flash memory management. This benefits product developers by simplifying the non-
volatile memory interface design and qualification process – resulting in a reduction in time-to-market as well as
facilitating support for future flash device offerings. Small BGA package sizes and low power consumption make
e•MMC a viable solution for mobile and other space-constrained products.

The new MMC V4.4 standard features a doubling of the memory interface performance over the previous
standard. The maximum data transfer speed will increase from 52MB/s to 104MB/s with the adoption of a dual
data rate interface, while still maintaining full backward-compatibility to legacy (single data rate) products. Also
included in the new standard is the introduction of a flexible partition management system, in addition to allowing
partitions to be set and operated in an enhanced performance mode, thereby offering improved performance and
endurance for selective data.

"As devices continue to require support for increasing amounts of mass storage memory, JEDEC is pleased
to help address the storage demands of the market with the new MMC V4.4 standard, which offers immediate
benefits to system designers and end users," said Mian Quddus, Chairman, JEDEC Board of Directors.

Several key security enhancements are provided in the new standard, including increased write protection
management, introduction of a secure access-controlled memory block and secure erase and trim for secure data
erase operations. Various usage models can now be supported with both permanent and temporary write
protection methods, allowing write protection to be selectively applied to user data as well as boot areas. The
introduction of a Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB) allows for a portion of memory to be accessed with a
hidden security key, providing secure storage for the host to protect crucial programs or data, as well as enable
copy protection. The new Secure Erase & Secure Trim operation provides a means of ensuring that stored data
is physically erased from memory, thereby preventing subsequent retrieval of the information.

Backward compatible to earlier e•MMC versions, the MMC V 4.4 standard offers a multitude of benefits to
product developers, while continuing to provide a simplified non-volatile memory interface in a comprehensive
non-volatile memory solution.

"As a leader in flash-based storage solutions, Micron is pleased to support the new MMC V4.4 standard, and
offer host manufacturers new storage solutions for today’s mobile devices through the continued evolution of
e•MMC," said Graham Robinson, Director of Mobile Products Group for Micron Technology, Inc.

"e•MMC is a fast, secure, reliable embedded mass-storage flash solution, which offers incredible ease of use
to host manufacturers and application developers," said J. H. Lee, Director, Memory Technical Marketing,
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "The new enhancements outlined in MMC V4.4 will enable the development of
innovative new products in consumer electronics, as well as greater innovation in smart phones, portable GPS
units and other mobile devices."


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