JEDEC Adopts DDR2 32b SO-DIMM Design Specification

Arlington, VA – February 20, 2007 – Recognizing the growing importance and benefits of standardization in peripheral device markets, JEDEC has approved the full specification for the EP2-2100 DDR2 32b-SO-DIMM.  These memory modules provide a 32-bit interface to the system on a 144-pin small outline dual inline memory module (SO-DIMM) form factor, 30 by 67.6 mm in size.  The 32b-SO-DIMM pinout is upward compatible with the DDR2 16b-SO-DIMM standard, allowing systems to design to either module type while using the same infrastructure including sockets.  Target markets for the 32b-SO-DIMM include laser printers or other devices requiring fairly small density granularity ranging from 64 MB to 1 GB.  Performance is not compromised as these modules use DDR2-533 SDRAMs to achieve peak throughput of 2.1 GB per second.  Availability of compliant modules is immediate.

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