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JEDEC is the global leader in developing open standards for the microelectronics industry, with more than 3,000 volunteers representing over 300 member companies.

JEDEC brings manufacturers and suppliers together to participate in more than 100 technical committees and task groups, with the mission to create standards to meet the diverse technical and developmental needs of the industry.

JEDEC’s collaborative efforts ensure product interoperability, benefiting the industry and ultimately consumers by decreasing time-to-market and reducing product development costs.

JEDEC publications and standards are adopted throughout the world.

Best Practices in Setting Standards

Since 1958, JEDEC has earned a reputation for upholding a fair, efficient and economical process for setting standards.

JEDEC committees gather several times a year in locations worldwide to address the varied needs of the industry, including discrete solid state devices, integrated circuits, electronic modules, various manufacturing support functions and much more.

Adhering to JEDEC’s “one company, one vote” rule, members vote on proposals electronically using JEDEC’s online voting system prior to committee meetings.

Voting results are then reported at meetings and modifications to the proposals are made in response to voter-submitted comments.

Upon committee approval, finalized standards proposals are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval – with published standards made available for download from the JEDEC website.