KH Kim Receives 2011 JEDEC Technical Recognition Award

JEDEC President John J. Kelly (at left) and JEDEC Chairman Mian Quddus (at right) present a 2011 JEDEC Technical Recognition Award to Dr. KH Kim of IBM.
On March 31, 2011 both the Chairman and President of JEDEC travelled to Yorktown Heights, New York to honor Kyu-Hyoun (KH) Kim with a 2011 JEDEC Technical Recognition Award. At the same time, they also recognized the IBM company for its long-standing support of industry standards development.
JEDEC’s Technical Recognition Award is presented by the organization’s Board of Directors for significant technical achievement in the completion or enablement of JEDEC standards. The award recognizes both an individual and his or her company for outstanding technical contributions in the area of technology standardization.
Dr. Kim received the award for his significant contributions to the ongoing development of the DDR4 standard. Mian Quddus, JEDEC Chairman, cited multiple examples of Dr. Kim’s work, including:
  • leading several task groups responsible for defining the AC parameters and functions/feature set for DDR4;
  • using both expertise in both DRAM technology and system architecture to resolve numerous challenges;
  • proposing creative alternative solutions (simulation results, system studies, added features) that allowed DDR4 to move forward;
  • making over 50 committee meeting showings in support of DDR4 development; and
  • sponsoring several ballots that will be part of the final standard.
The industry impact of Dr. Kim’s work is significant – he enabled the development of an industry standard DDR4 technology that will be used in multiple platforms throughout the world for years to come.
When called up to receive his plaque, Dr. Kim was very humble. “I am very honored by this award, and could not have done it without the support of my managers and my team,” he said. “I will also continue to try to do my very best to make them and IBM proud of me.”
Numerous IBM executives were on hand to honor Dr. Kim, including Susan Cohen, vice president, Design and Engineering, Technology Development, STG; Mark Dean, vice president, Technical Strategy and WW Operations and IBM Fellow, IBM Research; and TC Chen, vice president Science & Technology and IBM Fellow, also from Research. 
Susan and Mark accepted the plaque on behalf of IBM. “We are so pleased to be recognized by JEDEC,” Susan stated. “The organization really does tremendous work on behalf of our industry, and IBM is glad to be able to offer support in any way we can. The DDR4 standard developed with JEDEC will be very key to IBM's leadership Server products.”
Following the awards ceremony was the cutting of a carrot cake (specifically requested by Dr. Kim) and a talk about the JEDEC organization by John J. Kelly, JEDEC President.