JEDEC Awards Program: 2012 Honorees

Each year, JEDEC acknowledges the contributions of member company volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding effort and dedication in their work towards the development of open industry standards in JEDEC, beyond the normal scope of committee activities.
Candidates for the following awards are nominated by their peers, and the final honorees are determined by the JEDEC Board of Directors.  JEDEC is honored to congratulate the following 2012 award winners and their companies.

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Association, and it recognizes an individual’s sustained service to JEDEC and the standards community.
  • Bruce Euzent, Altera Corporation (retired), for his thirteen years of JEDEC participation, his tenure as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the JC-14.3 Subcommittee, and his leadership on the development and revision of numerous standards, including JESD47, JP001.01, JEP122, JESD201 and JESD22-B112.
  • Karin Werder, Research in Motion, for her eight years of JEDEC participation, her tenure as Co-Chairman of the JC-64.1 Subcommittee, and her leadership role in developing the e•MMC 4.2 through 4.5 standards as well as Universal Flash Storage.

Technical Recognition Award

JEDEC’s most significant award for technical achievement acknowledges outstanding contributions to technology standardization.
  • Kuljit Bains, Intel Corporation, for the significant role he played in the development of the DDR4 standard; particularly for his leadership in defining a solution for DDR4-related module specifications.
  • Daniele Balluchi, Micron Technology, for his key role in the development of the e•MMC 4.5 and Universal Flash Storage (UFS) standards, and for the leadership he displayed in resolving challenging aspects of UFS.

Outstanding Leadership Award

This award acknowledges an individual’s outstanding service to JEDEC. 
  • Curtis Grosskopf, IBM Corporation, for his diplomacy and leadership during the complex approval process for the JS-709 standard for Low Halogen Passives and Solid State Devices.

Past Awards