JEDEC Awards: 2023 Honorees

JEDEC Board members Joe Macri (left), Chairman Mian Quddus, and Belal Gharaibeh present Dr. Lisa T. Su, AMD Chair and CEO, with the association's Distinguished Executive Leadership Award for 2023.

Each year, JEDEC acknowledges the contributions of member company representatives who have demonstrated outstanding effort and dedication in support of the development of open industry standards in JEDEC, beyond the normal scope of committee activities.

JEDEC is honored to congratulate the following 2023 award winners and their companies.

Distinguished Executive Leadership Award

The JEDEC Distinguished Executive Leadership Award honors the most distinguished senior executives in the electronics industry who have promoted and supported the advancement of JEDEC standards. These leaders are truly the pace setters of the industry through the companies they build and the teams they support to make the industry better for everyone through open standards development. Recipients of this award have distinguished themselves by providing long-term support for JEDEC participation at a strategic or managerial level over many years.

JEDEC is delighted to congratulate Dr. Lisa T. Su, chair and chief executive officer of AMD, on receiving the 2023 JEDEC Distinguished Executive Leadership Award. Under her leadership, AMD has provided extensive support to standardization activities in many fields such as DRAMs, LPDRAMs, HBMx and GDDRx technologies.

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is the most prestigious technical award bestowed by the Association, and recognizes an individual’s sustained service to JEDEC and the standards community.

Dale Arnold, Micron is recognized for his longstanding support and many contributions to the JC-11 committee. 

Yeonkyu Choi, Samsung is recognized for her significant role in supporting the development of the LPDDR5, LPDDR5X and LPDDR6 standards.

Technical Recognition Award

JEDEC’s award for technical achievement acknowledges outstanding contributions to technology standardization. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Changyong Ahn, SK Hynix - contributions to the HBM3 standard
  • Christian Gyllenskog, Micron - contributions to the UFS 4.0 standard
  • Youngbin Lee, Samsung - contributions to LPDDR5 / 5X and LPDDR6
  • Randall Rooney, Micron - contributions to the DDR5 standard

Outstanding Leadership Award

This award acknowledges an individual’s outstanding service to JEDEC. The 2023 recipients are being recognized for their longstanding leadership of the following subcommittees:

  • Ife Hsu, Intel - JC-14.1 subcommittee
  • Giuseppe LaRosa, IBM - JC-14.2 subcommittee
  • Youngho Lee, Samsung - JC-45.4 subcommittee

Chairman of the Board Discretionary Awards

Committee Recipients
The following members were recognized for their technical contributions at the Mobile and Server Forums in Asia 2023:


  • Barbara Aichinger, FuturePlus
  • Marc Greenberg, Cadence
  • Thomas (Hing Yan) To, AMD
  • Randy White, Keysight

And the following received recognition for committee service:

  • Thomas Won Ha Choi, SK Hynix - leadership and technical contributions for JC-42
  • Michael Litt, AMD - technical contributions and leadership in defining GDDRX in JC-42.1
  • James McCall, Intel - technical contribution and leadership roles for JC-40 and JC-42

Board of Directors Recipients
The following Board members were recognized for their dedication and leadership on the Board of Directors in the role of Program Chairs for the Mobile and Server Forums in Asia 2022-2023:

  • Mario Martinez, Netlist
  • Gerard Mas, STMicroelectronics
  • Frank Ross, Micron

Past Awards