JEDEC Awards: 2021 Honorees

Each year, JEDEC acknowledges the contributions of member company representatives who have demonstrated outstanding effort and dedication in support of the development of open industry standards in JEDEC, beyond the normal scope of committee activities.

JEDEC is honored to congratulate the following 2021 award winners and their companies.

Distinguished Executive Leadership Award

The JEDEC Distinguished Executive Leadership Award honors the most distinguished senior executives in the electronics industry who have promoted and supported the advancement of JEDEC standards. These leaders are truly the pace setters of the industry through the companies they build and the teams they support to make the industry better for everyone through open standards development. Recipients of this award have distinguished themselves by providing long-term support for JEDEC participation at a strategic or managerial level over many years.

JEDEC is delighted to congratulate Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, on receiving the 2021 JEDEC Distinguished Executive Leadership Award for his decades of support for the standardization of memory and storage technologies in JEDEC.

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is the most prestigious technical award bestowed by the Association, and recognizes an individual’s sustained service to JEDEC and the standards community.

Bill Gervasi of Nantero is recognized for more than two decades of dedication to JEDEC standards development work and coordination of cross-functional processes within JEDEC, including the development of the entire Serial Presence Detect (SPD) infrastructure; establishing the DDR RDIMM architecture initially used in DDR3 generation, which has now been carried on into DDR4 and DDR5; and various liaisons with external organizations.

Technical Recognition Award

JEDEC’s award for technical achievement acknowledges outstanding contributions to technology standardization. The 2021 recipients are:

  • Alejandro Gonzalez, Renesas – contributions to DDR4/DDR5 RCD and DB standards
  • Michael Jiang, Montage – contributions to DDR4 and DDR5
  • Michael Litt, AMD – contributions to GDDR5 and GDDR6
  • Aaron Nygren, AMD – contributions to DDR5 SDRAM

Outstanding Leadership Award

This award acknowledges an individual’s outstanding service to JEDEC. The 2021 recipients are:

  • Yeon Kyu Choi, Samsung – contributions to LPDDR5
  • Taek Woon Kim, Samsung – contributions to DDR5 SDRAM

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