50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago on Friday, September 26, 1958 at 9:30AM, the first meeting of the Semiconductor Device Council of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) was held at the Williamsburg Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia, chaired by Virgil M. Graham of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). Representatives from a veritable who’s who of prominent electronics and communications companies of the day were in attendance, including Texas Instruments, Bell Telephone Laboratories, General Electric Company, and Radio Corporation of America, among many others.

JEDEC was created as a joint activity by EIA and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), and the fledgling organization was composed of two product councils: Electron Tubes and Semiconductor Devices. As captured in the meeting minutes, “Captain D.R. Hull, President of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA), and Joseph F. Miller, Managing Director of NEMA, spoke briefly in turn of the purpose of the Semiconductor Device Council and the great need for standardization in this industry.”

In 1999, JEDEC was incorporated as an independent association, adopting the name “The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association”. Today, JEDEC committees continue groundbreaking standards development activities as the association looks forward to celebrating its anniversary year and to supporting the industry for the next fifty years to come.

Prominent lawmakers honored JEDEC with congratulatory letters to mark the occasion: