Membership Benefits

Company Representation is Critical

JEDEC’s member companies reside on the “inside track” of the industry as they influence, mold and approve standards. A company’s participation in JEDEC committee meetings states their intentions toward industry leadership, defining the standards instead of waiting for them.

Working in tandem with competitors allows members to advocate standards aligning with their own company’s goals in a constructive environment. Everyone’s voice counts equally. JEDEC’s process offers member companies, regardless of size, parity in voting rights with a "one company, one vote" rule.

Member companies enjoy financial benefits, including reduction of R&D costs. Sharing resources and knowledge allows businesses to focus on innovating new products, so everyone wins.

JEDEC member companies have access to a wide range of benefits and activities, including:

  • Admission to JEDEC committee meetings
  • Online access to JEDEC confidential meeting minutes, presentations, ballots and surveys
  • Permission to reproduce JEDEC copyrighted works for internal company use without restrictions
  • Reports on international meetings and liaisons with IEC, ANSI, IPC, PCMCIA, SEMI, IEEE and many others
  • Interface with Government agencies such as NASA and DSCC

Member Representative Advantages

Many representatives initiate the opportunity to represent their organization, adding to their own value as they:

  • Become counted among worldwide industry colleagues driving the standards setting process
  • Benefit from the opportunity to both influence standards development as well as gain early access to emerging standards
  • Establish a network of industry contacts, creating lasting alliances
  • Sharpen skills and stay ahead of industry trends by sharing knowledge and participating in continuing education conferences