JEDEC DDR5 Workshop: Recordings for Sale

JEDEC's DDR5 Workshops were a resounding success. Hundreds of attendees in 2019 and 2022 enjoyed an in-depth technical review of the DDR5 standard with industry experts involved in its creation. Now, many of the Workshop presentations are just a few clicks away, and are your solution for a better understanding of the DDR5 standard. With audio and slides captured at the May 2022 DDR5 Workshop, each recording listed below is available for download upon purchase at your convenience.  A bundle option with all six recorded presentations and complimentary bonus content is also available.
  • Each session recording includes one MP4 file with audio and slides recorded onsite at the May 2022 DDR5 Workshop in Santa Clara, CA
  • Please note MP4 file sizes before ordering
  • All sales are final

JEDEC DDR5 Workshop Bundle:
1. All 6 Recorded Sessions (six separate MP4 files)
2. Free Bonus Content:

PDF presentations for the three unrecorded sessions*
MP4 files for the two end of day Q&A sessions

Price: $340.00

*Unrecorded Sessions:
Session 1: The Drive for DDR5; Presenter: Jonathan Hinkle, Lenovo
Session 2: DDR5 Training Modes; Presenter: Howard David, Synopsys
Session 3: Accessing the DRAM and Maintaining the Data; Presenter: Matt Prather, Micron

Session 4: RAS Features and Utilization (On-Die ECC, Transparency, Error Scrub, PPR, Bounded Fault)
Presenter: Keith Kim, SK hynix
Run time: 1:00:46
MP4 file size: 1.24 GB
Price: $60.00

Session 5: DDR5 in System Test
Presenter: Barbara Aichinger, FuturePlus
Run time: 43:21
MP4 file size: 1.07 GB
Price: $60.00

Session 6: DDR5 Performance-Boost & Power-Saving Features, Modes and Usage Techniques
Presenter: Taek W. Kim, Samsung
Run time: 59:58
MP4 file size: 1.47 GB
Price: $60.00

Session 7: DDR5 IO, DFE and Statistical Methods
Presenter: Arvind Kumar, Intel
Run time: 01:55:02
MP4 file size: 2.21 GB
Price: $60.00

Session 8: DDR5 Interface Test and Validation Methodology
Presenter: Randy White, Keysight
Run time:
MP4 file size: 1.7 GB
Price: $60.00
Session 9: DDR5 Module Architecture and New Support Component Overview
Presenter: Sam Patel, Renesas
Run time:
MP4 file size: 2.56 GB
Price: $60.00