JEDEC Flash Storage Summits and Industry Educational Events Draw Strong Response in Taiwan, Korea and US

JEDEC's recent Flash Storage Summits and educational events on DRAM and newly published SSD standards attracted a combined audience of nearly 600 engineers and product designers in Seoul, Korea; Hsinchu, Taiwan and San Jose, CA.  Event speakers and workshop instructors included representatives from well-known industry companies including Agilent, A-Solid Technology, IDT, Micron, Nokia, Phison, Qualcomm, Samsung, SandForce, Seagate and Silicon Motion. 

The three-city tour began in Hsinchu on September 29, where hundreds packed the Ambassador Hotel.  Dr. C.Y. Lu, President of Macronix International, welcomed attendees to the Flash Storage Summit, co-sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB), the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA), and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).  On October 1, attendees convened at COEX in Seoul, where the Flash Storage Summit was co-sponsored by the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) and the Korea Semiconductor Standards Association (KSSA).  Kim Yong Tae of the KSSA offered introductory remarks.
Concluding in San Jose, CA, the Flash Storage Summit was held on October 4, and an in-depth technical seminar on solid state drives and a 2-day, detailed DRAM memory device and system session rounded out the program later in the week.  In evaluation responses, conference-goers expressed appreciation at having the opportunity to interact directly with JEDEC member company representatives involved in standards development.  “The talk on SSDs presented a really good balance of technical and business considerations behind the SSD specs – the presenter’s insight from driving the standards forward was very evident.  Definitely worthwhile attending,” commented one attendee.
“JEDEC is very pleased with the industry response to our Flash Storage Summits, Solid State Drive Tutorial and DRAM Devices & Systems session,” said Mian Quddus, Chairman, JEDEC Board of Directors.  “A core aspect of JEDEC’s mission is to offer the industry high-quality educational opportunities related to JEDEC standards, and I’m enthusiastic about the exchange of information and ideas that took place during these events.”


Technology Focus Areas: 
Flash Memory: UFS, e.MMC, SSD, XFMD