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Quality and Reliability of Solid State Products JC-14

JC-14 is responsible for standardizing quality and reliability methodologies for solid state products used in commercial applications such as computers, automobiles, telecommunications equipment, etc. It also includes developing standards for board-level reliability of solid state products used in commercial equipment.

The committee is comprised of both suppliers and users and furnishes a forum where concerns of the industry for solid state device quality and reliability issues can be resolved. The committee maintains liaisons with other JEDEC committees whose tasks are related to quality and reliability issues. In addition, the committee coordinates activities with other standards organizations such as IPC, IEC, and JEITA to help develop industry and worldwide standardization.

In early 2016 JEDEC launched its first task group based in China, which is linked with the JC-14 committee.  For more information, contact Mr. Xianmin Xi, JEDEC Representative in China, or go here.

Find JC-14’s complete scope in JM18: JEDEC Committee Scope Manual.


Status (status)
JC-14.1 Reliability Test Methods for Packaged Devices
JC-14.2 Wafer-Level Reliability
JC-14.3 Silicon Devices Reliability Qualification and Monitoring
JC-14.4 Quality Processes and Methods
JC-14.7 Gallium Arsenide Reliability and Quality Standards

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Vancouver 20 - 21 Sep 2017
South Lake Tahoe 12 - 13 Oct 2017
Atlanta 16 - 18 Jan 2018
Portland 15 - 17 May 2018
Chicago 11 - 14 Sep 2018

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