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Mechanical Standardization JC-11

JC-11 is responsible for the creation and update of the registered and standard outlines in JEDEC Publication 95.

The committee and its subcommittees generate design guidelines, standardized measuring methods for mechanical features, and standard- or registration-type mechanical outlines for microelectronic packages and assemblies, corresponding socket outlines, mechanical, environmental and ergonomic performance specifications, footprints and land patterns, and development of designators for semiconductor device packages. To accomplish these functions, the committee provides technical support and design recommendations to establish and define parameters that ensure mechanical interchangeability of parts.

Find JC-11’s complete scope in JM18: JEDEC Committee Scope Manual.


Status (status)
JC-11.2 Design Requirements
JC-11.4 Uncased Devices
JC-11.7 IEC Interface
JC-11.10 Microelectronic Ceramic Packages
JC-11.11 Microelectronic Plastic Packages
JC-11.14 Microelectronic Assemblies

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Committee Meetings

Charleston 14 - 15 Jun 2017
Chicago 30 - 31 Aug 2017
Newport Beach 29 - 30 Nov 2017
Not Specified 14 - 15 Mar 2018
Vancouver, 6 - 7 Jun 2018

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