JEDEC Committee:
JC-64 Embedded Memory Storage & Removable Memory Cards

JC-64 defines and proposes standards for embedded memory storage and removable memory cards that utilize an electrical and protocol abstraction layer independent of memory technology, primarily concentrating on, but not limited to, solid state flash technology.

JC-64 also standardizes the electrical interface specification, the command protocols, the mechanical outlines, and the host controller specification. The responsibilities of this committee also include quality, reliability, and durability methodologies and procedures. The proposed documents (outlines, test methods, procedures, etc.) are developed with the expertise and approval of related JEDEC committees such as JC-11, JC-14, and JC-16, as well as with external standards organizations when needed.  Current areas of focus for JC-64 include Solid State Drives, e.MMC and Universal Flash Storage (UFS).

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