Memory Configurations: JESD21-C

JESD21-C, JEDEC Configurations for Solid State Memories, is a compilation of some 3000 pages of all memory device standards for solid state memory including DIMM, DRAM, SDRAM, MCP, PROM, and others from September 1989 to present. The document is divided into sections for ease of use. Each section can be searched by following one of the links listed on the menu "JESD21-C Standards" on the right of this page. 

The JEDEC JC-42 Committee on RAM Memory and its Subcommittees, JC-45 Committee on Memory Modules and its Subcommittees and the JC-63 Committee on Multi Chip Packages develop the standards in JESD21-C and are responsible for updating the publication.

An annual updating service for JESD21 is available by subscription. Subscribers receive periodic electronic updates for replacement or insertion into the hard copy JESD21-C.

A complete hard copy of JESD21-C is available for purchase. The hard copy comes in two 3” wide 3-ring binders so that future updates can be added with ease.

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JC-42Solid State Memories
JC-42.2SRAM Memories
JC-42.3DRAM Memories
JC-42.3BFunctions, Features and Pinouts
JC-42.3CDRAM Parametrics
JC-42.3DDRAM Pinouts
JC-42.4Non-Volatile Memory Devices
JC-42.6Low Power Memories
JC-45DRAM Modules
JC-45.1Registered DRAM Modules
JC-45.2Unbuffered DRAM Modules
JC-45.3Unbuffered DRAM Modules
JC-45.4Fully Buffered DRAM Modules
JC-45.5Module Interconnect
JC-63Multiple Chip Packages

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