JEP30: PartModel Guidelines

JEP30 and its related documents are currently published and maintained as a JEDEC-wide project between the JC-11, JC-14, JC-15 and JC-16 Committees. JEP30 establishes the requirements for exchanging part data between part manufacturers and their customers for electrical and electronic products. As one example, the standard could be used to define a part in sufficient detail to enable process efficiencies during the part and product life cycles, i.e., design, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control, test, material deceleration, supply chain, etc.  The standard is designed to be scalable insofar that it covers as many components as possible including the emergence of new parts in the future.

A groundbreaking collaboration between the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) and JEDEC, announced in December 2022, merges the capabilities and open standards of OCP’s Chiplet Data Extensible Markup Language (CDXML) into the JEDEC’s JEP30 PartModel Guidelines. This integration expands the capability of the PartModel to enable chiplet builders to also provide standardized chiplet part descriptions to their customers electronically. This advancement opens the door to automating System in Package (SiP) design and assembly using chiplets. The chiplet descriptions encompass crucial information for SiP builders, including thermal properties, physical and mechanical requirements, behavior specifications, power and signal integrity properties, testing in-package and security parameters.  JEDEC and OCP extended their collaboration with the February 2024 release that enhances the PartModel to represent Die-Arrays, scalable to support multiple depths of hierarchical nested arrays and billions of bumps intended to support the industry for decades to come.

JEP30 covers the parental structure for the assembly process classification, electrical, physical, thermal, material deceleration, supply chain including product change notice and product discontinuance data. The parent schema file is JEP30-10, PartModel XML Schema.

Users can validate their PartModel.xml files against the JEP30-10 Schema here:

Users can incorporate the PartModel schema or any of its sub-sections within their schemas by obtaining a direct link to these schemas here.

The following table shows the PartModel schema parent files associated with each sub-section technical schema. The Schema Types Dictionary (JEP30-D10) is a shared schema across all the other schema.

Document Title Pub. Date XML Schema File Schema Version
JEP30D PartModel Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 5/2024 JEP30-10 Ver 5-0-1
JEP30-A100A PartModel Assembly Process Classification Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 3/2023 JEP30-A101 Ver 2-0-2
JEP30-E100D PartModel Electrical Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 5/2024 JEP30-E101 Ver 3-0-2
JEP30-P100D PartModel Package Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 2/2024 JEP30-P101 Ver 5-0-0
JEP30-S100 PartModel Supply Chain Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 3/2023 JEP30-S101 Ver 1-0-2
JEP30-T100A PartModel Thermal Guidelines for Electronic-Device Packages - XML Requirements 3/2023 JEP30-T101 Ver 2-0-2
  PartModel Schema Types Dictionary 3/2023 JEP30-D10 Ver 3-0-1

*All subschemas are released under the umbrella of the Part Model Schema to ensure that the Part Model Schema is referencing the correct version of the subschema. In addition, this enables the subschema to connect to the Manufacturer Part Number and the Manufacturer of the Part.

Previous versions of the PartModel can be accessed here.

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