Industry Collaboration

JEDEC maintains liaisons and partnerships with a wide range of organizations worldwide. Such collaboration is vital to the industry and helps avoid duplicative standards development efforts.  Key relationships and activities include:

  • AEC: AEC and JEDEC have an MOU in place to facilitate joint standards development activities.
  • ANSI: JEDEC is an ANSI-accredited organization. In addition, JC-13 and JC-14 leadership participated in the ANSI workshop on Global Supply Chain Security for Microelectronics in July 2022.
  • CESI: CESI and JEDEC have an MOU to support mutual technical interests and cooperation.
  • CXL®: CXL and JEDEC have an MOU in place to support a joint Work Group designed to exchange information, align future efforts, and reduce overlap between the two technologies.
  • CTA: JEDEC is a longtime Allied Association for CES.
  • DLA and SAE: JEDEC's JC-13 committee maintains a longstanding collaboration with both the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and SAE International's CE-11 and CE-12 committees. The triad of JEDEC/SAE/DLA brings together the perspectives of the manufacturers, suppliers and government to update pertinent military standards including MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535.
  • ECIA: JEDEC and ECIA are planning a joint task group effort to update J-STD-075.
  • ECLASS: ECLASS and JEDEC have an MOU to facilitate alignment of the ECLASS Standard with JEP30 PartModel Guidelines.
  • ESDA: JEDEC and ESDA have several ongoing collaborative projects related to ESD.
  • IEC: JEDEC maintains an ongoing partnership with the IEC to harmonize and provide JEDEC standards into the IEC. JEDEC was a Technical Committee sponsor for the 2022 IEC General Meeting in the United States.
  • IPC: IPC and JEDEC have a longstanding collaboration on essential industry standards for quality and reliability, including: Pb-Free wave solder (ECIA/IPC), Acoustic Microscopy J-STD-035, and J-STD-020.
  • JEITA: JEDEC's JC-14 committee and JEITA hold annual joint meetings to support standards harmonization efforts.
  • MIPI® Alliance: JEDEC’s Universal Flash Storage standard aligns with industry–leading specifications from the MIPI Alliance to form its Interconnect Layer. This collaboration continues with UFS version 4.0, which references the MIPI M-PHY® v5.0 physical layer specification and the MIPI UniPro® v2.0 transport layer specification.
  • NIST: JC-13's Chair provided a well-received JEDEC JC-13 overview to NIST in July 2022 and JC-13 is receiving NIST support for its IGA and Wirebond task groups. 
  • OCP: A alliance between the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) and JEDEC was formed to provide a mechanism to standardize Chiplet part descriptions leveraging OCP Chiplet Data Extensible Markup Language (CDXML) specification as part of JEDEC JEP30: PartModel Guidelines for use with today’s EDA tools.
  • SNIA: JEDEC and SNIA have an agreement to faciliate alignment related to CXL Memory Modules and JC-64.8 activities.
  • PCI-SIG: PCI-SIG and JEDEC have an MOU in place to facilitate work on the JEDEC Automotive SSD standard.