Year in Review: 2011

Over 4,000 volunteers representing some 300 member companies helped JEDEC serve the industry in 2011, and contributed to a year filled with new and continuing initiatives:

Standards and Publications

JEDEC continued to develop important new industry standards and publications in the areas of memory, packaging, quality and reliability, thermal standardization, electronic sensitivity and electrical interface. In 2011, JEDEC published 29 complete standards, 3 publications, 9 registered outlines, 3 design guides, 11 memory device specifications, and 6 design files, including the following:
  • JESD220, Universal Flash Storage
  • JESD84-B45, Embedded Multi-Media Card (e•MMC), Electrical Standard (4.5 Device)
  • JESD79-3-2, Addendum No. 2 to JESD79-3
  • JESD9B, Inspection Criteria for Microelectronic Packages and Covers
  • JESD216, Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) for Serial NOR Flash
  • JS709, Joint JEDEC/ECA Standard, Defining "Low-Halogen" Passives And Solid State Devices (Removal of BFR/CFR/PVC)
  • JS-001-2011, Joint ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC Standard For Electronic Discharge Sensitivity Test - Human Body Model (HBM) Component Level
  • JEP144A, Guideline For Internal Gas Analysis For Microelectronic Packages
  • MO-303A, Registration - Land Grid Array Family, Rectangular, 0.50 mm Pitch
  • SPD4_01_02_11 Release No. 21A SPD Annex K - Serial Presence Detect (SPD) for DDR3 SDRAM Modules


JEDEC held several successful events this year, including three Mobile Memory Forums in Shenzhen, China; Hsinchu, Taiwan; and Seoul, Korea in the spring. The international events were held in partnership with the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association and the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association. JEDEC and TSIA also held a Mobile Memory Workshop in Taiwan in October, and JEDEC hosted a Server Memory Forum in Santa Clara, CA in November. The annual RoCS Workshop was once again co-located with the MANTECH Conference, which was held in Palm Springs, CA in May.

China Office

The China office provided essential support for the Shenzhen Mobile Memory Forum, and also held a two-day DRAM Technology and Standards Tutorial in Shenzhen in November.   Both events reached expected targets in terms of the number of participants and the audience satisfaction rate. The China Office intends to continue training efforts in order to develop strong and lasting ties with local industry professionals, thereby broadening JEDEC’s membership base, and expanding adoption of JEDEC standards. For additional information on JEDEC’s work in Asia, contact Xianmin Xi in the China Office via email,, or telephone, 8610-8446-4172.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Department was very active this year in the promotion of all JEDEC’s events and major standards announcements. The department rolled out new website support for Task Groups in the restricted members’ area, including a self-management function for TG membership. In addition, the department successfully launched a daily email newsletter in partnership with SmartBrief. Circulation has grown quickly to over 12,000 opt-in subscribers, providing increased awareness for the JEDEC brand, standards and ongoing activities.  Subscribe today.

Industry Collaboration

During this past year JEDEC maintained existing liaisons and developed new partnerships.  Such collaboration is vital to the industry and helps avoid duplicative standards development efforts. Key relationships include:
  • CEA: JEDEC continued to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as an Allied Association Partner, hosting a conference track: “Flash Forward: Flash Memory Storage Solutions for Mobile Devices" at CES in January.
  • ESDA: JEDEC published a joint ESD standard with ESDA (JS-001-2011). JEDEC and ESDA are now working on a joint Charged Device Model (CDM) standard.
  • GSA: Cooperation continues with GSA on the revision of JP-001 on Foundry Qualification. 
  • IPC: JEDEC continued its collaboration with IPC on J-STD-020, J-STD-033 and J-STD-075 and a number of other documents.  Another joint standard, IPC/JEDEC 9707 Spherical Bend Test Method, was published in October 2011. A revision of J-STD-033 was balloted in the fall and is expected to be published in the near future. 
  • MIPI® Alliance: The MOU between JEDEC and MIPI culminated in the successful publication of Universal Flash Storage in February, which incorporates both the MIPI M-PHYSM and UniProSM specifications as the Interconnect Layer of UFS. 
  • SAE International: Work continues on a joint standard for fiber optics in military and space applications. 
  • SEMATECH: JEDEC, IEEE, SiA and SEMI collaborated with SEMATECH on the development of a 3D Standards Dashboard to promote the development of standards and encourage widespread participation in standardization efforts for heterogeneous 3D integration.  For more information:
  • TechAmerica: Collaborations continued with TechAmerica through their G-11 and G-12 Committees and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) bringing together the perspectives of the manufacturers, suppliers and government to update pertinent military standards including MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535.