JEDEC Session Highlighting AI and LPDDR6 Developments at FMS 2024

Mark your calendars and plan to catch JEDEC's session at FMS 2024 in Santa Clara, CA.  For more information about FMS and to register click here.

JEDEC Session: Thursday, August 8th at 9:45AM
JEDEC is the global standards organization that leads the development of the industry's memory standards including DRAM and NAND flash. With more than 3,000 volunteers representing over 350 member companies, JEDEC is the key forum where companies come together to decide and define the future for memory. The presentations in this session highlight JEDEC standards and how they enable and address the future of AI, cloud, and automotive applications, and will also highlight new technology initiatives important to the industry and emerging trends critical to planning for the future.

Hyperscale Memory Requirements for AI Systems

Presenter: Manoj Wadekar, Meta

In recent years, hyperscale data centers have been optimized for scale-out stateless applications and zettabyte storage, with a focus on CPU-centric platforms. However, as the infrastructure shifts towards next-generation AI applications, the center of gravity is moving towards GPU/accelerators for the AI systems. To keep up with this dramatic change, innovation is necessary to ensure that hyperscale data centers can continue to support the growing demands of AI applications. This presentation will discuss evolving memory needs for Hyperscale data centers for AI systems.

Expanding LPDDR Memory Subsystem for the Generative AI Era

Presenter: Eric Oh, Samsung

Generative AI is rapidly expanding across various industries, driving innovation in redefining memory subsystem to overcome AI-driven memory wall. As Gen AI becomes more prevalent, LPDDR memory is crucial in handling the high performance and low power needs of these applications. In this presentation, we will identify the key LPDDR requirements for major AI-driven applications and discuss development and standardization directions of LPDDR targeting for generative AI era.

DRAM Innovations and Technology Trends Addressing the Evolution of Data-Centric Compute Systems

Presenter: Frank Ross, Micron

As the landscape of workloads and applications evolves driven by AI, so do the demands placed upon our computing systems. To prepare for these changes, it’s critical to create system architectures that place data at the heart of design decisions. This presentation will introduce the concept of data-centric system architectures, and the application of future memory hierarchy and storage optimization. We will explore DRAM innovations and trends as well as enabling technologies that will allow systems not only to meet, but exceed the demands of tomorrow’s workloads.

LPDDR6 A Deep Dive Into the JEDEC Press Release

Presenter: Howard David, Synopsys

JEDEC issued a press release on March 15th, 2024 outlining some of the high level attributes of LPDDR6 which include increasing bandwidth, lowering power usage and enhancing RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability). This presentation will reveal some of the lower level details associated with each of these attributes as decided by the JEDEC JC-42.6 Subcommittee up to and including its June 2024 meeting.

Program, topics and speakers subject to change without notice.